Welcome to the Inazuma Shippings Wiki. In this wikia,you can make fanfictions that are totally about an Inazuma Shipping.


Rules for a page:

  • Every page needs a rate: 1 says it is for everyone, 2 contains violence, 3 contains Sexual Relations.
  • Yaoi is Forbidden!If you want to do yaoi,then make your own wiki!
  • Make sure to put your Signature on every page
  • You have to make a Main Page first,and on that page,you must post the links to every chapter.
  • It is allowed to put OC's in a story,but only if the OC is part of the Relation,and 1 OC per story.
  • If you make a One-Shot fanfic,make sure to put that on the page.
  • Also,You dont have to make Main Pages for a One-Shot.
  • You can also make a Fanart page,You must mark a Fanart page with S and A.S stands for Selfmade and A stands for All.
  • And a Fanart Page must also have a rate,wich you can edit.
  • For example:You make a page with rate 1,but you add a picture that is more "Sexual", you can change it into a 3.
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